Cannot work around Origin

I understand that one cannot move the origin. I am currently in pcb mode making holes for mounting. I make the first hole and press M to move it. Instead of moving it, I press spacebar and a relative origin is made. I now make a second hole. Do I have to use arrow keys to creep the hole over to the desired location? There must be a better way. What is it please? Thank you. I also do not understand the usefulness of moving the rifle site using S and Z. What is the point of the rifle site? Am I missing something?


In 5.0 you can select an item, open the “Move Exactly” context menu item, select “User Origin” (your “relative origin”) as the reference point and insert relative coordinates.

Please tell if this is what you want.

In nightly builds this option is gone because the “Move Exactly” dialog has been simplified.

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That works great. This board will piggy back from a previous PCB and there are about dozen holes/dip sets that need the accuracy. Thank you very much.

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