Cannot use '/' in Global Labels

Just discovered that at some point (using 5.14 now) that you cannot use the forward slash ‘/’ character in a label. This doesn’t seem right at all. As far as I know you CAN use them in pin names.
Any one know what happened and why?

At 4.0.7 level I started to define my symbols. Then (V5 nighties) I found I have to change all names like 4u7/16 because of ‘/’.
It was an year ago when I asked about it. I don’t remember why, but as I remember someone told me that in V6 I will be able to go back to my 4u7/16.

This fresh discussion on the developers mailing list is relevant:

Original discussion and linked bug that required the limit here:

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The question is about labels or net names. Should this not be separate from the restrictions of filenames?

My guess for the reason is that kicad uses the / character to communicate the hierarchy of the schematic. But this was also the case in the past so i wonder why this would only affect version 5 as stated.

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Thanks Rene. I didn’t read closely.

Yes, ‘/’ is used for sheet hierarchy and so is disallowed in labels. We may be able to allow this in v6 with the planned escaping mechanism.

They are allowed in pin names because these do not generate label. In testing this, however, I do see that we have a latent bug when generating hidden power pin labels.


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