Cannot update to kicad 6.0.11 (linux mint)

I’ve noticed that KiCad 6.0.11 is available in PPA for KiCad: 6.0 release since Thu, Jan 26, 2023 but I’m not able to update KiCad to this version on my Mint distribution.
So far (version 6.0.10) I have not had any problems with the updates.
Any suggestions?

Has a package been built for your Mint (Ubuntu) version, and which is? you didn’t say. Older Ubuntu versions may have problems building and may take a while longer.

I think it’s only in official repo for Lunar (23.04, still in development) at the moment.
The latest version in PPA is still 6.0.10.
Have a look yourself:

I just looked and Seth has uploaded some .11 packages in the last few minutes. So patience, updates will eventually show up.

I’m on Lubuntu and the update hasn’t occured here either. Don’t worry, it’ll turn up shortly, it always has. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! Indeed. 51 minutes ago :slight_smile: . It wasn’t there when I posted the PPA link 1h ago.
It’s only 6.0.11 kicad package, no .11 libraries. Will should appear shortly.

Great! It’s already updated. Thanks everyone for your help.

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