Cannot Update the PCB, because Pcbnew is opened in stand-alone mode

Hi all,

So what I’m trying to do, I suppose I’m not 100% it’s needed other than the fact that I don’t think the footprints will update, is use sheets in the schematic.

When i open Pcbnew and load the netlist i get the components just fine.

However when I click to update from the schematic I get the WARNING: “Cannot update the PCB, because Pcbnew is opened in stand-alone mode. In order to create or update PCBs from schematics, you need to launch the KiCad project manager and create a PCB project.”

I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Thanks in advance for anyone that has some answers!

Like the message says, the “Update PCB from Schematic” feature only works if both EESchema and PCBNew are started from the KiCAD Project Manager. I have attached a screen-shot of the project manager windo, with the PCBNew button indicated by the arrow.


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Hmm I see, however I don’t see that button in my menue. NOTE: I have 5.1.2

Never mind I didn’t understand what you were saying at first.

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