cannot start routing inside a keepout area or board outline

I’m working on my artwork using kicad.

However, I received an unexpected error, but I can’t find the answer even though I contacted the internet several times.

I found on google that kicad has a lot of errors in membrane PAD geometry.
So I tried to open the membrane pattern and make it circular and then square.

If you try to go around, it keeps getting an error and can’t connect.

cannot start routing inside a keepout area or board outline

I get an error

Even if you download version 5.1.5

I can’t see from the picture what it might be. Can you post the whole project here? Maybe in reduced form where the problem still arises?

I think that the warning message could do with improvement, since when was routing INSIDE a board outline illegal?

Changing edge.cut to dwg and adding holes to the membrane pattern also gives an error.

Attach the entire file.!

You must have an Edge.Cuts layer, or you won’t be getting anywhere!
Clarify what do you mean by ‘membrane’.
Otherwise your descriptions are ambigues and anyone’s guess.

I meant the KiCad project or at least the .kicad_pcb file. That screenshot of the whole board doesn’t help - it even seems to conflict with the first screenshot because in the first one there are yellow board outlines but in the second one there are only grey outlines. We can’t for example know if you have changed the layer colors or hidden some layers.

This is the reason I often recommend giving the whole project or the KiCad file. It removes all ambiguity and makes testing and trying possible. When the one who asks a question doesn’t know enough to know what the exact problem is, it’s very easy to not to give enough information in one post. Then we go back and forth with messages, wasting time and effort.

(This is NOT a critique towards dol2zang; just a general remark and clarification.)

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