Cannot see footprints in CVPCB

I have some parts in a mylib.pretty folder, with extensions kicad_mod. I take it that a library is actually a folder.

although I have got the library in the library manager set as kicad, i cannot see any footprints to associate in CVPCB. I expected it to work as the old one did.

Also, why are my other libraries in GITHUB? How do I easily have them on my local machine, do i have to get them one at a time?

The tutorial for CVPCB does not help

Using KiCad 4.0.0-rc2 stable


(By the way migrating from KiCad 12 (the old version)


Were dealing with the same issues over here. Problem loading footprints in cvpcb

I have got it to work.
libraries are indeed .pretty folders with .kicad_mod files in them :).
The problem of the not found GITHUB parts caused the rest not to work.
When I deleted the GITHUB libraries from the library manager, there were no errors, and my own library worked.
So, back to playing…

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