Cannot run a wire in schematic between two Conn_01x01_Male

I’m new to this.
if I plop two Conn_01x01_Male symbols on a schematic, I cannot run a line between them. also, the ‘electrical rules check’ fails.

Surprising. Do you know that hotkey ‘W’ starts a wire?

I do now. but I can select the ‘line’ icon as well, yes?

I guess it just seems picky. or I don’t know Kicad that well. if I choose the ‘arrow’ icon and then hover over the small circle on the symbol, I get a small ‘line’ cursor. from that point i seem to be able to draw a line. just not intuitive.

I use KiCad since 2017. I had to run it now to find what you mean. I don’t remember ever using the ‘arrow’ icon. I just don’t know what it is for. When I want to draw wire I use W hotkey or “Add a wire” icon.

I didn’t draw any schematic with V6 yet so I didn’t know what you are writing about, but now I know.
It looks like a new feature. In V5 you can’t start wire that way (having selected the arrow icon).

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V6 tends to assume you are starting a wire whenever the mouse is over a pin. Also

if you were to drag 2 symbols together so that the pins superimpose and drop them there…then drag again you will see that they are now connected.

Also if you select some symbols and don’t do anything for a second or two, KiCad will move those devices when you drag the mouse. I am pretty sure that V5 did not do that.

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