Cannot launch Kicad

Hello everyone,

I’m new on KiCAD comunity.
I compile KiCAD with MSYS2 and the hard way tutorial on KiCAD doc (I’m on windows) but after compilation I cannot launch KiCAD and it tell me that should have *.dll like wxbase30u_gcc_custom.dll.

Thanks a lot for your help.

There are pre-compiled, pre-tested, versions of KiCAD available from the page at KiCAD Windows Downloads . None of these have ever failed to install on my machines, and every installation has launched successfully after installation.


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KiCad Nightly builds are not happening since the 19th, so I suspect one of the libraries and wx * is a frequent suspect, is causing problems again

Ok I found my problem.
I tried to launch KiCad from (msys64)\home(myname)\kicad\build\release where i’ve execute make install command but It needed to launch it from (msys64)\mingw64\bin (I don’t know why).