Cannot interact with fill zone, missing context menu on right-click

I seemed to have lost the ability to interact with my fill zones while using the Zone Tool. Not only does right-click not produce the context menu, I cannot delete using keyboard shortcut or Edit > Delete menu option.

When creating a new fill zone, the dialog opens as expected, I can start drawing out my zone but when I double click to finish it only the outline remains, it doesn’t take on the hashed outline.

Lastly, if I use the default pointer tool I can select the zone, edit it’s Copper Zone Properties.

Previous to this happening been having trouble with vias sticking between zones, all the track and vias would have clearance around them on both sides. This behavior seemed to be related to using both the classic render and OpenGL to work with traces but I’m not 100% sure.

You need to specify your version, there are a lot of bugs reported and a lot of fixes on a daily basis. Recent nightlies tried to address the zone issues but not fully fixed yet I think. Not 100% sure it’s your problem but sounds similar.

I came to realize in all the switching around I hadn’t noticed I was only doing zones in the default view. When I was trying to do the same in OpenGL it didn’t work. Not sure if this is the expected behavior or not.

Pcbnew 4.0.6-e0-6349~53~ubuntu16.04.1