Cannot fix "Vias not connected or only on one layer" DRC message

I’m a new user with 6.0.8 and cannot find an answer to the vias not connected warning in DRC. The track and via properties show them connected to front and back layers but no net connection. I assign a net but still get the warning.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance.

can you post the schematic?

Can now. :wink: At minimum a good screenshot of where the error is showing so we can see the nets, etc.

I’ll see if I can send it as a jpeg.

I need to send the picture of the board layout but I don’t know how to send it.

Can someone explain? I’m in Windows 11 PC.

DRC would be board? and 20

You need a screen capture program. I’m on Linux so I don’t know the best option for Windows. If the board isn’t ‘secret’ you could use the archive feature and just upload the project here.

Here is the screenshot.

The three vias are on the bottom of the layout.

  1. have you tried deleting them, and re-creating them?
  2. You probably want to consider using thicker tracks, those 2N3055’s and the rest of the “power circuit” are potentially going to want to deliver a fair bit of current…
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I have started over on the board, used bigger vias but still get the error messages. I will reread the “how to” and see if I missed something. If that doesn’t help, I will bail out.

Thanks for the reply.

How did you place the vias?

If you zip your project and upload here then someone will probably find the problem source.
I’m not sure if when you can add screenshot if that also means you can upload file or you need spend some extra time at forum to be able to do it.

Here is a zip of the schematic and pcb files. Thanks (50.2 KB)

This is only 50% helpful - we need the complete project directory. For instance the main projectfile contains the DRC-settings.

To get a complete zip:

  • open your project with kicad
  • in kicad manager: File–>archive project

This creates a complete zip-file which you should upload.

turns out your zip-file already showed the problem.

You have drawn many connections with the graphical line tool. For electrical connections use the “Route tracks”-tool.

regarding schematic: try to work only on 0.05" or 0.1" grid - using finer grids has the potential for unwanted not connected items.
Finer grids for text-placing is ok though.

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Thank you so much. The only other PCB layout I have used is Express PCB. You can only get boards from them, which are quite expensive. I will re-draw it. Thanks again for your help.

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