Cannot find SamacSys_Parts library when adding symbols

I am running KiCad 6.0.10 on a Windows system. I have installed latest version of Library Loader, and it seems there are no problems adding parts, but the parts are not visible when I try to add them from the schematic window. I can see the library when I use Manage SysemLibraries, and I can see the default part when I use the Symbol editor. I was able to add two components, but when I try to load more parts, I am informed that the part has been added, but it will not show in the library and can, of course, not be added as a new part

I have tried to reinstall KiCad, but that did not help, so I might have to remove all traces and try again, but don’t know what I should remove after rmoving via the control panel.

I know I Library Loader is not supported by KiCad, and I am able to add the parts menually in another library after downloading the zip file using Library Loader, so I can survive, but it would be nice to have it working.

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Ulf H.

Click Settings in the Library Loader and check if the directory is set to the same you added in KiCad path settings.
Also how do you add new components to Library Loader? I think if you search for parts and download a zip file you have you click Open ECAD Model in the Library Loader they only will be added then.

Thank you, Greg. Settings are OK, so I think I have to remove everything, and start from scratch, if I only knew what to remove. I will, of course, take backup of my projects

Go to Library Loader library directory, check what is inside your SamacSys_Parts.pretty folder. It should be all available parts which you see in Kicad library browser in “SamacSys_Parts” library.
If you only see default parts in the pretty folder it means you didn’t added them properly. This is most likely the case.
If you see more parts there, but KiCad can’t see them - it’s probably KiCAD configuration.

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Hello Greg
I deleted the entry for SamacSys_Parts, closed KiCad, rebooted (not shure if that was necesarry) and added the entry again from Manage Symbols Library. Looks like this solved the problem, though I have to do some more testing to be sure.

Thank you for the feedback - it put me on the right track!

Best regards

Ulf H.