Cannot find my custom symbol library in schematic editor, even though it exists

I created a custom library with a few symbols I uploaded on the symbol editor.

I’m able to see the library in ‘Global Libraries’ when I go to ‘Preferences>Manage Symbol Libraries’.

However, when I click on Add Symbol on the schematic editor, I don’t see the library anywhere. Furthermore, if I close and open the symbol editor, I don’t see the library on the “Libraries” tab of the symbol editor either.

The library shows up on the left (tested local and global, as well as with and without path substitutes), but not the right?!

I’m using KiCad 8 on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

I hope I’m not the only one with this error, I’ve spent days trying to find a fix but absolutely nothing works

Really weird but working fix I found:

The symbols that weren’t showing up were custom symbols from a Digikey part. To solve the issue, I did the following:

  • Created a new custom symbol in the same library (just called it “Sample” and didn’t add anything to it)
  • Searched up “Sample” in the schematic editors ‘Add Symbol’
  • It was buggy but “Sample”, as well as my custom library showed up
  • After this, my other Digikey custom symbols showed up too