Cannot edit library symbols because of it's read-only

I had installed new Version of KikAD today, (nightly), and had downloaded the new library from GIT Hub.
And I had created the local repository for keep these libraries and now I can to place symbol to EEschema, but it has read-only.

Does it because of I had placed it to repository? And how to get editing possibility?
(I make repository supposed that if it will updated, i can pull the new only symbols) but I think that i had missed something in git manual , and how to change it status to “read-write”?

KiCad has not used Github for about a year.

The KiCad V5.99 I installed (It installed itself in a “kicad-nightly” directory) came with it’s own version of the libraries.

KiCad’s own libraries are normally read-only because they can be overwritten during install or update of KiCad. It’s nothing special, just the normal read-only bit provided by your file system.

But if you want to change stuff. You’d be better off putting your libraries in another location, and then just tell KiCad where they are.

[Edit] Gitlab -> Github. I also mix these up sometimes.

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You have the libraries meant for v5. The new libraries for 5.99 (v6 format) are in gitlab.

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in my system these aren’t read-only. 2020-12-18 22_05_05-GitHub Desktop5
they becomes read-only when it calls from Kikad EESchema.

yes, as i said before, i used to install nightly, and it’s v6? How to connect my file with github for download only changed items and to upload something to share with other users I had read from this page but i guess that something i had missed?

Pay attention to the difference between gitLAB and gitHUB. Version 5 libraries are in github, but you are using v5.99 (the development version leading to v6, i.e. v6-beta or something like that) which wants newer libraries. The new libraries are hosted on gitLAB, not gitHUB.

You meant GitHub.
GitLab is the current home
I second the advice on private libraries

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yes, i know, how to use my private libraries, and i every time had create the new symbols, just i would like to contribute and to share with main branch.

i just drop by the link and downloaded repo,

and didn’t paid attention that the fox :fox_face: changed :pouting_cat:. So, i hope that i properly downloaded libraries, just i would like how to organize a process. That my edited symbols can be attached to the main base later and shared.
Of coarse, the site name is GitLab, but i was misleading by the github name in directory

So you want to contribute to the official KiCad libraries?

I’m not sure if you have realistic expectations about the process.

First, technically you have to fork the official original project into your own gitlab fork. You have to clone that into your machine, not the original project. Then you make the changes and push them to your own fork. Then you make a merge request from your fork to the original project.

Second, the requirements are very strict. You can’t just make a symbol or footprint which you like and expect it to get accepted. This is very important: it must be faultless, adhere strictly to the KLC rules and follow the datasheet. Read all the instructions very carefully before even starting. Even then every contribution must be inspected first and the library team has already too much to do and there is a queue of requests waiting. It may take time. The workload of the library team is one reason why the quality of your contribution must be practically 100% perfect in the first try. Don’t waste their time and efforts by trying to contribute something which can’t be accepted without changes. (Maybe that’s not realistic, but you have to do your best.)


I had find, that not all of library symbols aren’t editable. Some of them are (they has yellow filling) and placement dropout menu are availiable.

And the others ones are NOT (they has grey filling and place menu items are dimmed)

What does it mean - just bug or I can correct it somewhere manually?

and I find, that the symbols in the same library are partially editable, and partially not. For example in 74xx* - 74AHCT240 - not editable, while 74CBTLV16212 is editable.

74AHCT240 is an alias symbol, while 74CBTLV16212 is a real symbol.
In you second screenshot the symbol is not selected - double click on the symbol to load it into editor.

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of course, i had clicked on double, otherwise it didn’t changed previous symbol in edit window.
even if i click on 11 times, nothing happened - the same it dimmed

But it is not higlighted on the list - in my case (I’m on 5.1.8 testing) double-clicking highlights symbol in the Symbols tree.

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i had install nightly version, with appropriate libraries, so I think, that may be some libraries not converted properly?

I would like to know, how can i correct it by the manual way?

it seems not highlighted in the list, because after sym selection i wouldd like to had make the screenshot, and already had selected EDIT item to show, that it’s dimmed. So cursor is dropped to on other screen area, don’t take in mind. In few libraries i had checked this, for example Atmega MCU the same - partially they are editable.

Once again, check if it’s not an Alias – these are not editable.
The 5.99 nightly even warns that it’s not editable and suggests parent symbol to edit.


would u like 2 suggest, how i can check it alias or not? and how i can find parent?

----- If somebody will have same question, it seems may be helpful: ----------

I suppose, there are line in the symbol properties - derive from symbol … so it will be parent. symbol and it’s dimmed and don’t editable. “symbol properties” and find from where it’s derived
3. find and open derived parent - it’s yellow filled and editable.

there are the status line below symbol picture. If it is alias, after the name following is parent name, then unit letter

and for the parent the parent name is missed, and after Name of the symbol the unit letter is following.

Are you sure all your libs are v6? v5 libs won’t be editable.

Alias name is displayed in Italic. How to find the parrent depends on the kicad version.
If you’re on 5.99 the parent is suggested in the message box displayed over symbol.

For parent the “derive from symbol” is greyed out, and if it’s the alias then it shows the “parent” symbol.

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