Cannot draw board

I am new to KiCAD so probably doing something wrong, but I cannot draw a board.
I am following a tutorial,
and when he gets to drawing the board he sets the user grid, selects Edge Cuts, selects the Add graphic line or polygon, draws the board outline and double clicks to finish. When I do that I get a pop up box ‘Block Operation’ and I cannot draw the board. I have been trying all sorts of combinations of clicking, click and draw etc, and now have several lines which I assume are board edges, but the don’t join up.
How do I delete these lines and how do I draw a board?

“block operation” is the dialog title for when you have dragged over an area.

If so It would seem your trying to drag lines rather than clicking on the starting point and then clicking for every following point.

As for deleting the old lines. You can either press the delete key over them. Or drag a selection over them all. Right click and delete block

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To delete those lines move cursor of mouse to be on that line and press “Delete” on keyboard

To draw board, make sure you are selected correct layer and tool. Grid can be what ever you like/need.


The drawing logic works by ‘click and let go’ of the left mouse button… then move the mouse cursor to the next position and ‘click and let go’ is repeated. Do this until you join up with the first coordinate and again ‘click and let go’.
A right mouse button click in there or [ESC] will stop the operation.
The resulting lines are NOT connected afterwards, each single one of them has got 2 sets of coordinates for x/y. So if you want to change something you have to change a couple of them, one by one. Or delete them all and start over.


Thank you all for your help. What you describe is what I was doing, but it didn’t work. I closed it, deleted the pcb file and started again and it now works! Really don’t know what went wrong the first time.


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