"cannot determine board layout"

Hi guys,

I imported a dxf file in KiCad and after finishing my layout I wanted to check the 3D model, and I always get the error “cannot determine board layout”. The 3D model does not show as well the correct cutout of the imported layout I am willing to print out (it still shows the rectangle). Do you know how to let the cutout come out right and how to solve the error? You can look at the screenshot for reference. Thanks!

[EDIT] Cleaning up my response.

Use the Info at Window Bottom to see Cursor/CrossHair location.
Move to the comparable position - zoom-in as necessary.

Example with broken line:

First, you should check Design Rules and zoom in at each indicated error (see the red arrow). Error can be fixed by deleting the wrong or the unconnected segment then drawing a new one. Repeat this operation with all listed errors after running a new DRC until you will get 0 errors. You should operate on the Edge.Cuts layer.

thanks for the replies guys, your response was very helpful!. I have got everything correct now and the DRC is happy :slight_smile:


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