Cannot connect Thermal relief copper zone with Custom shape pad


Here’s the pad I try to connect with copper zone

and its Connection to Copper Zones properties (Solid is the only option)

The result is a ‘solid’ connection of the pad #3 to the copper zone.

How can I do a ‘Thermal’ connection like other pads?

In KiCad v5 there’s no way to have automatic thermal pads for custom shaped pads. It’s difficult to guess how they should be positioned because the shape can be anything. Use None and add tracks yourself. In v6 there will be some options for thermal reliefs which may or may not help for certain kind of shape.

Understood. This makes sense. Thanks again :wink:

I think the V6 algorithm will work reasonably well for this particular shape.

One thing to note: the “centre” of the spokes in V6 is determined by the location of the anchor pad shape within the overall shape.

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