Cannot choose 4069 unit

In the new libraries, I cannot choose 4069 unit. They are all displayed and overlap. 4070 works as before (but the unit size has change). Is there an error in the library?

Do you mean the new repo (kicad-symbol) or do you mean you updated kicad and got new libs with it?

I don’t know what you with that (Is it not in the lib or do you get an error when selecting the 4069 symbol?)

Screenshot maybe?

I think the new logic units (in kicad-symbols and in kicad-library after the 4.0.7 release) are a bit smaller then the once in the kicad v4.0.7 lib.

They also have a separate unit for power pins. (This avoids the use of invisible power pins.)

What I mean is: when I updated, the 4069 unit was not found and appears as a question mark in a square.

When I try to change the unit (“Properties”->“Change”) so it uses Logic_CMOS_4000:4069, I can no longer choose unit A (say), it shows all the units on top of each other.

Putting a new unit in the schematic works, nothing strange then.

Strangely, for the 4070 units there is no problem in changing the question marks into Logic_CMOS_4000:4070 units.

Has your schematic been remapped correctly?
See IMPORTANT: Symbol Library Table Merged into Development Branch

It looks like there is an invalid unit number in the schematic. By editing the schematic file directly, I changed the unit number to 0 and reproduced the problem. There is a clue in the unit name, “U?@”, since A=1, B=2 etc, @=0.

For some reason, the Edit Component dialog does not allow you to change the unit number once it becomes invalid, but I could still change the unit by the context menu (shown above).

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No, it seems the remapping fails. My own project library works fine, but the symbols from kicad libraries are not found upon remapping.

And the invalid unit number is not changeable. [edit] Not changeable from the Change dialog. But as you say at the bottom of your post, it is changeable from the context menu.

That will have to do. Thanks!