Cannot align component to grid in v7.0

It’s quite a while I don’t use Kicad hence I may have forgotten something.
Let’s say I have an off-grid component:

and I want to restore it back to the current grid.
I was used to invoke the Snap Selected Footprint(s) to Grid version 1.2.2 from pcb-action-tool plugin.
But now it does not work and returns this error:


I found some old threads where they suggest to press G (grab) in order to snap the component to the grid, but in Kicad 7.0 it seems it does not work anymore. I tried to use M (move) and press some modifiers (ctrl, alt, shift, etc…) but I found nothing that would have snapped it to the grid.

Inspecting the properties of the footprint leads to nothing useful.
The only (ugly) way is to move it to (0, 0) and move it again.

But if you have a lot of off-grid components it time consuming.

  1. Is there a native feature to align component(s) to the current grid?
  2. can you understand why the plugin is not working from the error message?

Probably the plugin isn’t up to date for v7.0.

Ok, but it’s listed in the official plugin section of Kicad, I’m pretty sure it was tested.
Anyway, any chance to do the same without any plugin?

Can’t you just select it, M for move, grab center and drag to nearest grid point? I do this all the time as there seems to be no way to enforce a keep-stinkin-parts-on-grid policy.

You can also select a bunch of stuff (which got off grid after dragging around or such), M move for the whole selection, and just grab the center of one part to drag it onto the grid.

Yeah, but I have to ask you two clarifications:

  1. what do you mean with “select, press M, grab center and drag”? When I press M it moves immediately. How to “grab” center after pressing M and before dragging?

  2. your method can work if all the components selected have the same offset from the grid only, am I correct?

Hover crosshairs over a pad, press M and the crosshairs will attach to that pad.

Also, if you wish to place everything with respect of, eg. a corner of the courtyard, right click on the item to get select menu, then
Positioning Tools / Move with Reference. When this has been selected, wherever you place the crosshairs and then left click mouse, is where the footprint will be attached. This function can be placed on a hotkey to speed up selection. Find the hotkey in Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys / PCB.

To help with placement, use dy & dx at the centre bottom of your screen. Place your mouse on grid, press the space bar which will zero the reading and watch the reading as you move the selected footprint.

As footprints are placed to your satisfaction, use the L key (toggles on and off) to lock them in place until you have completed.

No, works any old way. :slightly_smiling_face:

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