Cannot add more than one mounting hole

Not sure how to work around this bug.

  1. Create a new empty project.
  2. Open pcbnew
  3. Add a. mounting hole, let’s say MountingHole_2.2mm_M2
  4. Save and export to a spectra DSN file. (all is well)
  5. Now add a second mounting hole (i did the same one again, as I eventually need 4, 1 for each. corner)
  6. Attempt to export Spectra DSN file.
  7. Error occurs. It says that it cannot Multiple symbols have identical reference ids.

Not sure how to fix this or if I am adding the mounting holes incorrectly?

You will need to rename your Mounting hole reference ID.

By default, they are all REF**

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Ah, thanks Seth! I just was thinking that when looking at the pcbnew file itself. Again thanks so much

I prefer to add mounting holes in eeschema as suggested by Rene in a previous post. One reason is if for some reason you need to delete unused footprints say because you have changed a connector, the mounting holes will get deleted too when you do an incremental update. When added in eeschema, they have a starting ref of H? so will have to be annotated and assigned a footprint. Another reason is if they have pads and if desired they can be connected to say the GND net. But usually they are isolated.


Ah, great. advice. I’ll take a look at doing that.

On a new pcb, I LOCK the mounting holes (individually) so they won’t get moved or deleted accidentally.

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