Cannot add graphic rectangle around symbol

I’m creating a new 16-pin DIP IC symbol. I’ve added all the pins with correction orientation on .1" centers, but the “add graphic rectangle to symbol” will not draw a box on the pin end points.

I was able to yesterday, but not today.

What is the secret?

Change the grid. But remember to use only 50 or 100 mil grid for pins!

My grid is set to 50 mil and everything is placed on 100 mil centers, so that’s not the problem.

Edit: Oh I think I see what is going on. All pins are on 100 mil centers but not positioned ON the 100 mil grid but on the 50 mil grid.

Edit: Still not working even with pins ON 100 mil grid dots. Do these files help?

2206.bck (271 Bytes) 2206.dcm (16.7 KB)

Now it suddenly started working after I did a “corner drag” from upper right to lower left corner, but only served to “select” the area when I dragged from upper left to lower right.

Is this a “feature”?

Yeah, drum roll please. I’ve created my first 16-pin DIP symbol.

(unlike many other graphics interfaces, drawing a symbol rectangle is not a click and drag out the rectangular box then release mouse button operation, but a click/release, drag to opposite corner and click operation.)

I’ll learn.

so it’s like most CAD interfaces do it. :wink:

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yes unfortunately that’s an actual “”""""""“feature”"""""""" that traps all the new players as dave would say

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