Can you set pcb thickness in footprint editor?


So I was setting up a part, USB-C board edge connector. While orienting the 3D model I tired to find a way to change the default pcb thickness in the 3D viewer but I cant find any options for this.
The part DX07P024AJ1R1500 is meant for 1mm thick pcb and it would of been helpful to see the alignment in the footprint editor. I know I can check it in the pcb layout but that makes me jump back and forth if I want to make small changes in the orientation.

Can you set pcb thickness in footprint editor?

Yes I can.
I use the footprint properties dialog → 3Dmodel pane–>pcb thickness icon for this task.
See picture below.

two notes:

  • this setting is not permanent, only valid for the currently viewed footprint
  • all people who want to answer your questions would be very happy if you write the used kicad version in your opening post (because kicad is continually developed the answer is often different for different kicad versions).

Thank you very much, I cant believe I missed that button… I also apologize for forgetting to paste the version info.

Have a nice weekend!