Can you see dimensions when editing a line?

If you place a new line or a new rectangle you can see the dimensions as you draw it. That is great :+1:


But if you edit the line or rectangle after it is placed, you don’t get to see the dimensions.

I can place an aligned linear dimension, but those things do not snap to other things. In other words, they don’t move along.

Is there a way to see the dimensions of a line or rectangle while you change it?



The values in the statusbar (length+angle) are interactively updated during modifying a line .

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I find the easiest method is to use “dx & dy” at the very bottom, middle, of your screen, below the workspace.

Using your above example,
place your cursor at the origin,
press the space bar which will set dx &dy to Zero,
move your cursor to the diagonally opposite corner of your red box
highlight that corner,
Drag your box in the X or Y or both planes while watching “dx & dy”.


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