Can you rotate the entire PCB layout?

I drew my PCB layout with my USB connector at the bottom, but I really want it at the top. I was going to rotate all of my silkscreen labels so they show up upside-down, but KiCad doesn’t seem to allow it with R (maybe I have to go into prefs for each label manually). But I’d still actually like to be able to look at the board on the screen the way it will plug into a breadboard so I’m not having to play mental games when looking at it on the screen. I don’t see any way to rotate the whole board, or do some kind of X axis flip either. Has anyone here ever been able to pull that off?

Have you tried the following:

  • Select everything (zoom out, do a rectangular selection, then click all the boxes in the Block Operation and confirm)
  • Press R to rotate everything you selected.
  • Press R one last time.

If you want to act only on the silkscreen:

  • Hide all layers (uncheck all checkboxes in the right pane… this is tedious)
  • Show the silkscreen layer (front or back?)
  • Do a rectangular selection of everything (after having zoomed out)
  • Press R as many times as you want! It’s free!
  • Show all layers (tedious…)

Does that solve your problem?

I’ll give that a try, thanks. I had done that before, but left only the default-checked checkboxes checked.

I do not know what my problem was before, but this time it “just worked”. Thank you. Sorry for the dumb question.