Can you lock schematic in eschema

Hi I’m a new user of KiCad and really like this software. I using 5.1 and I having several issues with . When drawing a schematic in Echema how do I lock the screen to keep it from resizing and moving of to either side my screen. This is very annoying thing and I have not be able to keep it from happening.
I have designed a ckt and trying to route a resistor array it will not let me connect these together. any suggestions?

Eeschema / Preferences / Preferences / Common / Pan and Zoom / … has some settings for panning (not for zooming) :slight_smile:

Zoom in/out is normally done with the scrollwheel. For me it works very good if I zoom out with the scroll wheel, and then zoom in on another area, wich also does the panning with the “Center and Warp Cursor on zoom”. I advise you to not turn it off too quickly. It is a bit “weird” in the beginning, but once you’ve gotten used to it, it is superior to other zoom methods.

Hi Paul, Thank You I will use that next time. What Ive been doing is grabbing the schematic with the center wheel and then when I let go its back to the left or right!

what is this?

What is a ckt?
Is this in the schematic or on the PCB?

It is short hand for circuit. sorry and its going to be a pcb. I have the circuit in Eschema and when I went to Pcbnew I putt the components that are surface mount type on the bottom of the board the top layer layer of the board has a small lcd which is through Hole. I tried to route the circuit paths from each pin
this is the pcb

. this is my schematic: EASY VOLT.pdf (39.9 KB) thank you Michael Johnston

I cropped your screenshot a bit. Screenshots from small area’s are easier to view on the forum.

The red R6 and R7 are on the top of the PCB.
I see (in the upper left corner: "Track: 0.25mm (9.84 mils), but the few tracks you have routed seem much wider.

You have managed to draw a few tracks. I have no clue from your screenshot why the others would not work.

Hi Paul, I found out why it wont route from part to part. The reason is that the ratnest wires are going for pin1 to pin1 on each component. My friend looked at it and we messed with it and got it to route just fine. Thank You
Michael Johnston