Can you let PCBnew keep footprints away from edge cuts?

Sometimes, I want certain footprints to be as close to the edge cuts as if defined in the board setup rules. Usually for LEDs or solder pads.

This work with traces, you can place traces inside the board, outside the board but not through the edgecuts. This is great.

Footprints on the other hand can be placed on edgecuts. I think that my manufacturer might complain if I try to order this :wink:

Is there a way to prevent pcbnew from placing footprints on edgecuts like it does with traces?

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P.S. I have not yet read the whole manual. :see_no_evil:

Use <d> to drag the item rather than moving it with <m>.

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DRC will catch that.

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If you order it not running DRC…

But it doesn’t.
When you move track segment you can place it over edge cut line exactly as you can place footprint there.
I frequently place footprints in several groups out of PCB and make there local connections and then move the whole group inside PCB.
How do you suggest KiCad should behave:

  • it should not allow to move group over edge cut line (I would have to left opened ‘gate’ in edge cut shape to have a way to move block inside PCB),
  • it should allow for move block over edge cut, but when it happens that you stop moving just on the edge cut your group will be damaged by deleting all tracks colliding with edge cut and shifting out or in footprints colliding with edge cut.

KiCad allows you to have many not acceptable for final design situations during work. It would be very hard (or even impossible) to use it if you will be not allowed for it. At the end you run DRC to check if you managed to remove all such states.


Dragging works fine :+1:t2:

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But surely you are placing the footprints and you know not to place them on edgecuts ???