Can you import a schematic from EagleCAD?


I see references to importing board layouts and component libraries, but is there a way to just import only the schematic from a project in EagleCAD into eeschema and start from there?


I found this on Github

Haven’t tried it yet but worth a try


Thanks Andy

I didn’t find that one. Looks promising by the description though a little concerning with the age of it whether the file formats would be current enough.

I actually recreated the schematic I wanted to do this for over the course of today, but I’ll try this for next time.

Cheers, Geoff

did you find a way to import from eagle to KiCad, I am very familiar with Eagle and have been using to a lot, but I am very new to KiCad, actually I was just downloading it and want to import me eagle files to it (schematics and board layout), especially the schematic though.


did you find a way to import from eagle to KiCad

I haven’t, but recreating more of my Eagle projects as schematics in KiCad is helping me get up to speed.

It sounds like we’re in a very similar place. I decided to go cold turkey on Eagle to force me to get to grips with KiCad this year. I was using the hobbiest licence for Eagle so my schematics are all cramped on one sheet anyway.

If you use the later releases of KiCad rather than the stable (caveats apply regarding risk, etc) you’ll gain the benefit of using Eagle footprint libraries you already have without modification. You can just enter the file name & path and change the file type to Eagle in the table for your project. That has been very handy. Not all work but it is a pretty straightforward fix to make a copy and edit them from there.

The later builds of KiCad also open Eagle board files natively, but I’ve yet to try that. And probably won’t.

I’m using KiCad Winbuilder to do this, in case you’re using Windows and hadn’t found that yet. It downloads and creates a build from the most recent dailies automagically. I’m not updating every day, as my 2nd build seems quite stable. I’m keeping my projects and libraries outside of the directory tree of winbuilder. There are too many new good features - predominantly on Eagle compatibility and the router - since BZR4022 for me to stay with the stable version. YMMV of course.

One thing I will say is the learning curve for KiCad has been far easier/quicker than (my recollection of) the pain I went through with Eagle initially. The community seems just as active/helpful too. Of course the proof will be when these first 3 PCB designs come back in a couple of weeks and I see what I didn’t understand as well as I think I do.



thanks for the given links and information about importing an eagle schematic to KiCad Eeschema.

As of using Eagle 7.4.0 (free) and KiCad 4.0.0 rc1 those named ulps need to be checked.
I tried to export an Eagle schematic into eeschema and failed.
Either the exported schematic is too big and does not fit into the given size of Eeschema or
if I modify some value inside the ulp-file it fits almost, but values, references and other informations are not recognized.
For as I am still an absolute beginner in KiCad I would like to know whether there is an alternative reliable way to export/import between EagleCAD and KiCad.
This would help me to transfer all my projects into KiCad a lot.
The other way round would help me using some (still existing) advantages of Eagle considering routing.

I also tried to install this python based tool on windows7. But did not succeed.)

Thanks for some helpful advices in advance.



Hi there.

I know this is an old topic but I plan to switch from Eagle to KiCad (despite having recently purchased a Maker license for Eagle in December…)

I read it should be possible to open the *.brd & *.sch files directly in KiCad but I’m having trouble.
Is there a way for me to import my Eagle projects into KiCad?

Look at this thread: Autodesk kills the golden Eagle...?

A few posts down they talk about an import/conversion tool for EAGLE schematics.

Thanks. It looks like it’s still in development. I just donated 60 CHF (approximately 60 USD). I will be able to donate more in the future.

Try it’s much more up to date.

I found this on Github
is very old.


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Thanks, I’m going to give it a try and otherwise I will do a tutorial and do it from scratch to make me learn the program.

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Both are good, Learning KiCad, and then import your work from Eagle, then you will know how to do any fix’s,
as there is a number of problems, which I can’t Automatically fix in the conversion scrips, you may hit those and have do a manual fix-up sad to say. Such is life in the fast lane !! :frowning:


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