Can User layers be F/B in V6?

I found (with V4 and V5) the best solution for me is to use Courtyard layers for my documentation purposes (I have Values, References and pin 1 markings at it).
When it will be possible I would like to use Courtyard layers as they were intended to.
Now I am investigating how do V6 will be used by me.
There are many User layers added, but I don’t see if I can made of them the F/B pair.

Is it possible?

Experimenting if I may be will be able to set the pair in Board Setup - Board Stackup - Board Editor Layers I used [Add User Defined Layer…] and added User.1.

How to delete it now?
Do the only way is to use backup ?

user-layers as Front/Back-layer-pair: not possible in v6. Often the adhesive-layer is empty, maybe thats an possible option.
This question is already tracked as a feature-request on gitlab, you could view issues #12825 and #8455 (Add paired (flippable) assembly layers to Pcbnew (#8455) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab).

…added User.1. How to delete it now? Do the only way is to use backup?

I think you will have to live with User.1 until the end of days. You could give the layer a nicer name and finally you will be friends.

Albeit their might be a little chance - what happens if you uncheck the checkbox to the left of User.1?

I thought about it when searching a pair to use (using V 4.0.7), but I can’t exclude that I will need to design a PCB with SMD at both sides when as I understand adhesive should be used.
During that time I made one PCB with semi 2 side SMD assemble. My PCB is assembled at one side then break into two parts and put back together (3 (length 0) wires connect circuits at both sides).
I found that such solution allows me to make it smaller (important parameter in that case) then if I used 4 layers PCB. Assuming not using microvias the key advantage in my solution is that I can have via to GND at any place not colliding with anything at the other side.

I have added it just before asking my question when I can’t find how to delete it. Then I tried to close Pcb Editor and it asked me if I want to save changes - I didn’t wanted and I had not to use my backup. I am not designing yet. I am investigating V6 so there is no problem to get back to yesterday state.

It is not shown anywhere in the program - like it is not there, but why to have something what is extra and not needing in PCB file. When I will finish this PCB (few days) I will at once use it as a starting point for the next one and next one and they all will have something not needed.
Fortunately I don’t have it in.

I don’t think the modern assemblers need your adhesive layer. They know better how to do 2-layer assembly.

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It looks that I can’t send you private message.
Do you intentionally left two ‘can’ when correcting a title of this thread?
English is not my first language so I am not sure of it.

…User.1 … but why to have something what is extra and not needing in PCB file

You missed the point (my fault, my answer was not explicit enough). If you uncheck the “User.1”-checkbox the layer is completely deleted (inclusive all items on that layer).
So nothing “unneeded” remains in the pcb-file.

I’m blowing cold (hope this means what I wanted).
I don’t search assemblers for my needs, I rather try to use one who is flexible enough. When I made decision to not use adhesive layers for my other needs we were using one and now we are slowly moving to use the second one. With this new one (he is small enough) we can cooperate such, that last week I spend selecting elements that are accessible now and send him the list of elements to buy for 300 pcs series of two devices. And now I am investigating how to use V6 to design these two devices. It is important to be sure I will not use elements that will be a problem to buy as devices are needed for yesterday. The previous version is over and we can’t produce it due to the total lack of AtXmega we used there (Edit: And the bigger lack of LM25018 (we can order for 2024)).

I didn’t asked him if he is modern enough to assemble second SMD side when having the first one assembled without the glue (when I made decision I even didn’t know that he will be our assembler).
Seeing that new User layers will be added to V6 I thought that I just have to wait till V6 but now I see - not V6. I don’t know what is in V7.

I think no. I just answered what will be (as I thought is true) when I uncheck that layer. Yesterday (before asking) I unchecked it and closed the Board setup Window to see that I don’t have that layer in normal work. Then I opened Board setup again and it was still there. As I have unchecked many other layers I don’t use and they not disappear here I assumed the same is with this one.
What I didn’t check is if it will disappear if I save the PCB with this layer unchecked.
As I don’t have it now I don’t want to add it to check it. I just started to design that PCB so don’t want to have to go back to yesterday backup :slight_smile:

Sorry fixed now.

Sorry fixed now.

Oops, I’m repeating myself repeating myself.


don’t worry, it happens to all of us to all of us.

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