Can the bottom layer be edited as though you are looking at it?

Do you know if there is a way, in layout (PCBnew), to edit the bottom layer as though you are looking at it? (a mirrored view from how it is normally) The Mentor layout tool I use at work has a simple button that lets you flip the left side of the board to the right (a horizontal mirror). Does KiCad? I have been looking, but keep coming up empty.

If KiCad does not offer this today, is there a way to add it to the wishlist?

(The work-around I am using is to select everything, hit Flip Block, and there it is - but I’m afraid there may be unwelcomed surprises since this likely isn’t the intended use for Flip Block)

at the moment this is not available but:
so adding a wishlist I think would help :smiley:

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Thanks maui! From the link, would that mean it is already on a wishlist or on the schedule for development?

I have found keeping the 3D viewer open on a 2nd monitor to be a good work around. It automatically updates every time I click on the 3D window, which is far better than nothing. (I love the 3D viewer!)