Can some help, recommendations

I have just had an email form a member recommending me to buy a kit,

  1. I am more qualified than most designers, having City and Guild and qualifications for over 40 years, which is far more than the idiot quoting me, it was only from a road accident that is stopping me what I love doing and have designed more than enough products in the 40 years.
    So can Someone tell me how to sort issues with the program or recommend a version that works.

Sorry what do you mean by buy a kit? Kicad is open source and free to download and use.

There is no way that somebody can know that from a public forum, if somebody is trying to help they have to make some assumptions, nothing to get worked out about.

Now, from this post, I cannot gather what is your problem, maybe do you care to explain?

I don’t understand your statement " or recommend a version that works." I’ve been using KiCAD for over 10 yrs now both in my job & hobby with only the odd problem, but having explained very clearly here what the problem is, the longest time it took to resolve it was 1 hr. & never had to advertise what my qualifications are!

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If you have experience in circuit design, you will doubtless understand that different programmes have differing approaches to schematic layout, component selection, BOM creation, PCB layout and generation of production files. For you to use KiCad effectively, you would be well advised to get some background information about the workflow. I would suggest that you might like to take a look at the video series available here This might give you a bit of background and is relatively up to date.
Once you have a clearer understanding of the workflow, perhaps you can re-phrase your questions to address the specific areas where you are having difficulties. You have posted a couple of questions but it is really not clear what problem you are experiencing. Many users are able to use KiCad to produce high quality boards so the software has proved itself capable at a professional level. However, EDA software is entirely straightforward and you must expect a significant learning curve - whether you use KiCad, Eagle or Altium.
This group values a bit of logical analysis and self reliance - so showing what specific problems you are coming across and what you have done to try to solve them will likely get a more useful and helpful response than ‘it doesn’t work’. There are many FAQ’s linked to this board and working through those may identify specific areas of difficulty.

Should read “is not entirely straightforward”.

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What kind of kit that member recommends you to buy?

What kind of issues do you have and why you need to sort them?
Give them here unsorted!

Indeed! Not entirely straightforward was definitely what I had intended to write!!

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