Can Rats nest be brightened in OPENGL



I’m new to KiCan and have just gotten around to trying the OPENGL presentation. I think it has some great features but just starting with a design I find the rats nest lines too fine and too dim. I have looked through a number of “options” but could not find anything. Can this be modified?

I a using Win10/64 Kicad 4.0.7 my monitor is 1920 x 1200



I don’t remember about 4.0.7, but in the nightly builds/forthcoming 5.0 you can right click for context menu on the colored square in the “Visibles” panel (to the right from the main view) -> Items -> Ratsnest and change the color.



Thanks I found it (middle button in 4.0.7). However is doesn’t work in OPENGL nor Cairo only in the default. And I cannot change the line width.

Being a noob and starting only a few days ago I though it best to stay with 4.0.7. However perhaps I would have been better with a Version of 5. Whats your feeling about a someone learning going to V5?




V5 is probably a tempting choice right now if you are just starting and have no critical projects.


I only started with KiCad last Thursday so except for this simple trial board I just finished I have no priority projects. So I might as well move to V5.

Where would I find V5? I downloaded one but it was only 100 meg (the 4.0.7 file was 700 meg) and the windows file properties showed the language as Greek.


It is not released yet. Guys please stop confusing newbies by claiming there is a new stable release. It is still a nightly build. Admittedly a bit more stable then usual. But the documentation is still missing and the libraries have not been frozen yet.

Regarding your original question:

In 4.0.x on the right site there is the layer control stuff with a second tab called “Render”. In it you can change the color of the ratsnest lines.



Thanks for you comment. It looks like V5 is not too far off so I’ll just wait.

Regarding the original question. I found the method to change the rats nest color but it doesn’t work for OPENGL or Cairo Canvasses. And the color is OK but the line on the screen is terribly thin.
But can just wait for V5 and see how the OPENGL and Cairo look




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