Can Pcbnew DRC detect shorts between fill-zones and tracks?

Is KiCAD Pcbnew’s DRC supposed to detect any shorts between a fill-zone and tracks? My running KiCAD (BZR 6310) does not. If KiCAD is unable to, how do you guys there do to make sure there are no shorts in you PCB?

The shorts I had were caused by my re-routing tracks after a fill-zone was created, but re-running DRC did not report any error at all. Luckily I was notified by the PCB house before fabrication.


Running DRC used to trigger refilling of all zones.

Just checked it with 6311 (linux) and no problems whatsoever. Running DRC refills all zones and makes adjustments if necessary (shifted tracks…).

Can confirm here that DRC check does indeed refill zones before checking for BZR6097 and 4.0.0 rc1 on Win7.

Huh, I didn’t know it. Running DRC indeed triggers refilling of all zones with BZR 6310. I usually re-run DRC before generating my gerber files, but I must have forgot doing it with my PCB.

Thanks folks!