Can not save Footprint in "Footprint Editor"

Use this button to safe the modified footprint into a new, custom, local library folder:

And then use the library wizard to load that library, otherwise it won’t be accessible.

Or configure COW (Copy on Write) system like error dialog says.

That would only work if Aleena had write access to the GitHub directory? As this is the main GitHub repository and not a private fork, I hope not

It’s a major failure of interface design if a user can’t simply save their work!

The error message is completely cryptic. It doesn’t mention anything about “COW”. That sort of thing is useful for developers, but most users are not developers.

If the save location is inaccessible for any reason, KiCad should simply prompt for another location to save to, like every other application does.

Surely the default should be to keeps a local copy of everything. Even if you are working from the Cloud, access may be paused and it would be better to archive locally and warn that the Cloud version was out of sync

The COW system works on the local directories and take a precedence before remote directories.

The idea of the system is quite simple and is fully described in Pcbnew manual by Wayne Stambaugh. It’s true, that COW had to serve in a slightly different purpose, but it can be used as an extension of remote directories.

There are two fractions:

  • developers who prefer everything to be described in the documentation and users had a duty to read it before use application.
  • developers who prefer that messages and quick descriptions inside the application were sufficient.

Thanks for the clarification
A simple warning to read 2.4.6 in the Pcbnew manual in the error box would be very helpful.
I agree that we don’t want complex documentation appearing in popups.

That section is a complex read, maybe a bit confusing for a non-native English speaker