Can not get Device (.dcm) in library folder?


in schematic:
Preference/Component Library/ Device -> Add after select device we get the same .lib listing and only .lib available in the Library file window
devices not listed on the .lib list appears and .dcm does not appears?

how to obtain a device in the schematic?


Every symbol library consists of two files. The .lib file holds most of the information. The .dcm file holds documentation information (mainly because aliases can have different documentation to their parent.)

So if you add libraries using the component libraries dialog, kicad only needs to show you one of the two files. (It knows that for the other one it only needs to replace the file ending)


thank you.
clear and understood.

I have 2 questions: related to library:

1- the …lib we select get added to the list of packages
from instruction page 11/47 get starting, item 19-20-21
we asked to do the same step twice once using device and once to
get the part itself. first to get microchiop mcu, next we get the foorprint for the IC. the instruction confused (or confusing), because both instruction produce the same list and I could not find the footprint.
that the reason for my first question.

I did not or not able to get to the footprint listing.

2- if I have a part like LED which we do not have library available
however, we can find a similar part in a library with same footprint…

from the manufacturer machine operation,

does the name of the part make any difference on Gerber file, since
it has wrong name? since this only intended for copper pads and dimensions purpose only.
or the name matter only in BOM list?


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