Can located ROS-2700-1819+ part


Sorry, I am a beginner using KiCad and I am not able to find this part “ROS-2700-1819+” from Mini-Circuits, a VCO oscillator:

Could somebody help me?, Where can I locate the part?, It is not in SnapEDA for example …


Hi fmorales,

You’re going to get a common response here about learning how to make a footprint. Whilst this is a (VERY) valid answer as a beginner there’s much more to learn before another nightmare learning curve.
Now I don’t have a specific answer to your question (other than the above) but what I do is search for my required component from various online component databases which more often than not will produce a component for you if you supply some basic information and link to the datasheet.
My favourite us Samacsys (usually 2days max for a new component to be created) and there’s also Ultra Librarian which I’ve only downloaded foitprints but I think you can requested ones.


Websites like Samacsys, Ultra Librarian, PCB Libraries SnapEDA and a few more are valid options, but making footprints in KiCad is not difficult.

  1. Start Footprint Editor.
  2. Footprint Editor / File / Create Footprint / QFN
  3. Fill in the numbers below (Taken from the datasheet)

For the pads:

Disable the EPad

For the Package:

  1. Press the Export footprint to editor button.
  2. File / Save as if you have a library to put it in, or:
  3. File / Export / Export Footprint and save it somewhere.
  4. And the result:

QFN-16_13.72x13.72_Pitch2.54mm.kicad_mod (5.4 KB)

I do not see why this would be a:

The most “difficult” part is that you have to do some additional library management to put the footprint somewhere, and this does have a (little) bit of a learning curve of it’s own, but I do agree it’s a bit of a distraction for a beginner that has a lot of KiCad’s different parts to learn.

Thanks a lot for your information, it has been very useful. I have been able to locate the part in “samacsys”->“

Also, I have been taking a look to the footprint provided.


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