Can KiCad layout data format be transferred to Cadence brd?


Can KiCad layout data format be transferred to Cadence brd?


At this time, KiCAD is NOT able to export data in a Cadence format. It is unlikely that KiCAD will have that capability in the foreseeable future, because Cadence uses a proprietary format.

You should ask the Cadence folks if their software can import a KiCAD file, since the KiCAD format is open-source.



Thanks! However i don’t see Cadence have any motivation to do this.


Well, if they want people to use their product…


Customers pay them for support, so their customers are entitled to request the feature


We also want to import Kicad files into Orcad. We want to simulate the board for EMI compliance.

By the way, if someone knows about any opensource tool for EMI simulations any help will be appreciated.

So far, I can import the Gerber files generated by Kicad into Orcad. As I’m not used to Orcad, I don’t know yet how to assign nets to the imported Gerbers. I’ll keep trying in the next days.


I happened to know two free EM simulation software, post it for your reference.
emGine and openEMS


I see KiCad can export a Specctra .DSN ASCII file, that looks fairly complete.
It may be that Cadence or Orcad, can import .DSN files from Specctra, as they may have supported that router in the past.

Or, you might try a multi-hop pathway ? (the fewer hops, the better).
eg I see Altium claim to import Specctra .DSN files, (anyone who has Altium tried that ?)
& it’s more likely OrCAD and Cadence can import Altium files, than KiCad files.


Tried exporting Specctra .dsn file from Kicad, but seems something wrong with the exported .dsn file, reported errors when loaded it to Cadence Specctra


The dsn export of kicad is quite limited. It was mainly written to support exports for freeroute.


Thanks. The eeschema netlist has the option Orcadpcb2 but I couldn’t import that netlist to Orcad. It is not the main problem since I’m trying to export a small circuit and I can do manually the netlist.


Thanks for the links, Henry.
Unfortunately my problem is not solved: the file formats needed cannot be exported from Kicad.



You may have a look at