Can I shut off one net in the Rats nest?

I would like to shut off the ground net to help me visualize the top traces.


I’m not sure that is possible at this point. I think the current advice is to put in a ground plane so that the ground rats disappear.

Thanks it helps but not so much for the SMD parts. I can put vias at each part with a ground terminal but its a pain as I am still at the stage of deciding the best layout.

How to do it was one of my first questions (those time version 4.0.7).
My solution was to manually remove GND net from netlist text file. In 4.0.7 there were no Update PCB from schematic. Now you can also go that way.

This is another feature I’m working on for 6.0

Thank you. I don’t know which I would like better, Hiding all grounds (or by net) or coloring by net.

Any why your efforts are really appreciated :slight_smile:

I am thinking along the lines of simply completely removing the GND net from the netlist.

This could be done manually if you import from a text based netlist file, or probably very easily from an action script in Pcbnew.

And then, some time later, import a complete netlist.