Can I select custom layers to mirror During Plotting?

For example I need to mirror bottom layers only. The mirror option seems to be either mirroring all layers or none.

I assume by “mirror” you are referring to View - Flip. This operation changes nothing other than your VIEW. The pcb is virtually rotated 180 degrees about the Y axis (X axis +/- are inverted).

Since you are looking Through the pcb, flipping a single layer would be pointless. The layers would no longer be aligned.

Printing with mirror selected is the correct way to get a view of the bottom layer that will agree with what you will see when you have a pcb in your hand.

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Printing with mirror selected is what I need.But when I plot the entire layers to a single Gerber or PDF file I cannot find the option to mirror selected layers only. for example I need Bottom copper and Bottom silk to be in mirror. All other straight. If I can do this I can export all layers to a single PDF or Gerber file. Presently I am plotting mirror layers separately only. I want to know weather any option or workaround to get my purpose done.

Gerbers are instructions for machines, they should never be mirrored if you want correct boards. Printing (to pdf or ps format) is for reading by humans and is therefore different.


OK got it. Then for Reading and checking, if I need the Bottom layers mirrored in PDF file, I need to print separately.

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