Can I lock footprint pad changes in PCB while reload the netlist?

Sometimes I changed pad net name in PCBnew , but when I reload the netlist, the changes to the pad are reverted.

Can I lock these pad netname ?

I’m not following what you changed where here.

On NET import, there are menu options to change or keep the PCB footprints, which I think covers “Can I lock footprint pad changes in PCB while reload the netlist?”

However you also say “Sometimes I changed pad net name in PCBnew” - How, exactly ?

NET import will re-apply SCH net-names to the design, if you want to preserve some PCB-Side edited net-name across new NET import, you will need to also change in the SCH.
Normally, this is done by a user-assigned NET name.

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I want to set USB shield footprint pad to GND net name, but it is not defined in footprint module,

I just edit it in PCBnew, but every time I reload the netname, the GND netname changed in PCBnew is cleared.

You mean it is not defined in the SCH side ?
It is usual for USB metal shield to not be hard-GND-connected, I think for better ESD handing.
Check reference circuits,

If you are ok with a hard GND connect, and do not want to do the more usual ‘add the 6th pin’ to your SCH, then you could create multiple pin 5’s on the USB footprint, but that is somewhat ‘non-standard’.
(more normal is to have those 4 pads as pin 6 in PCB and SCH )

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Thanks for advice.

What you said is right, I shouldn’t connect shield to the ground. I’m newbie

On earthed equipment like a desktop PC, you would connect the shield to the fixing bracket. This is to provide a safe path to ground for static discharges and to make the cable shield an extension of the PC case to reduce radiation

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