Can I have comments with footprints?

When I make footprints I like to add comments.
Such as verified components, todo items, assumptions made while making, deviations from the datasheet, fab house peculiarities, hints for the future, phase-in phase-outs, dates, authors, etc…

All I can find is a single line ‘Document link’ (descr) and a single line “Keywords” (tags).

Is there an option to add a multi line comment?

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I miss this, too. -----------

This would certainly be a very useful feature. At present, the best that you seem to be able to do is to put short text notes / diagrams on a user layer (like Cmts or ECO/Dwgs). You will probably need to adjust the transparency settings to allow you to do this cleanly.

The ‘Document’ link you mention doesn’t seem to do anything other than show the contents of the field in the lower ‘status’ panel. Perhaps I don’t understand it’s purpose but it would be helpful if you could link this to a real datasheet or a text file of notes as you can for library symbols.

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