Can I have 3 paths to search for 3D models?

Whatever I do, I loose some models. Or what ever paths I choose, some models are missing. I can handle missing models one by one, but then they are not working when I change something. Or how to add my own paths. Something semi global, so that other project would use those paths, too.

  1. Add “MY_3D_MODELS_PATH_1” (…_2, …_3 - three paths) in the list you posted;
  2. Add all these three paths to the “3D models” tab of your footprints in the same manner as KISYS… is shown here. For instance: ${MY_3D_MODELS_PATH_1}/subfolder/stepfile.stp

This is probably easy to add in batch to all your footprints by using regex search and replace functionality of more advanced text editor, like “npp”.