Can I get some help with holes?

if I have the boxes ticked for F.Mask and B.Mask here, is it setting a Solder mask opening?

And if I happened to not want a Solder mask opening, as they are just non plated holes on a single sideboard can I just untick them, or is that a terrible idea as the order of operations is not holes drilled last and I could get solder mask in the holes?

I looked at an old project of mine with a NPTH mounting hole, and it looks like soldermask is removed around the hole, which makes sense as it would have been specified in the mounting hole footprint. But if you place your own holes directly in pcbnew, then … ?

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Typically, NPTH will be drilled after applying the solder mask. So in general it’s not a bad idea to uncheck this. You could also (slightly) reduce the pad size,so you’ll still have solder mask, but it’s smaller than the hole. This way even if the order is reversed for some reason, you won’t get a huge amount of solder mask inside the hole.

If it’s really important, speak to your manufacturer.


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