Can I get some help with Eagle to KiCad, mainly the update from schematic option?

Hi, trying to move an Eagle project from a GitHub into KiCad, after learning some quirks like needing to add the routing layer to the edge cut I am able to get a PCB into PCBnew and to a point where I could check out fab files and view the schismatic (that alone, is awesome).

The trouble I’m having is updating the board from schismatic, the second I hit that button it brings in another copy of every component ready to be placed, rather than replacing the individual component changed on the schismatic. Is there a way around this?

Tools / Update Symbols from Library should help.

You can also go the other way in the PCB editor / Tools ?update.

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I interpreted your question a different way from jmk, apologies if I’m misunderstanding.

When you do a first import, KiCad doesn’t have a way to internally link between the schematic symbols and the PCB footprints. Assuming you started out with matching reference designators, you can hit “Tools > Update PCB from Schematic” and check the checkbox “Re-link footprints to schematic symbols based on their reference designators” to create those links (based on UUIDs internally if you are curious). After you run that once, I’d recommend recommend reopening that dialog to uncheck that checkbox, since in general you won’t want to repeatedly re-link based on reference designators.

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I also understand it as scandey. More information about that in Update PCB from Schematic's match methods.

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