Can I generate fabrication outputs without starting pcbnew?

Whenever I want to create my Gerber files, drill files, etc. I have to start pcbnew.
However I’m versioning my projects with git, so having automated actions, do generate fabrication outputs is a much more streamlined process in my workflow.

Can I generate fabrication outputs from a .kicad_pcb file directly from command line?

If so, what’s the command or tool to do that? I couldn’t find anything myself.
If that approach is impossible, is there an external tool to help me achieve what I want, that I don’t know about?

You probably want to use a tool like KiBot or KiKit for this (I have not used either)

There is also a more lightweight python script you can execute from the command line: KiCad plugin to automatically generate Gerber files, drill file and an image of the PCB, all in the project's folder · GitHub

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