Can I draw coloured traces?

I can’t find anything in the Eeschema Manual which describes changing trace colour in a schematic. Other packages (e.g. TinyCAD) permit this so that the schematic can more closely resemble the colours in the wiring loom. Can I do this in KiCad, and if so then how?

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No this is not possible.

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Perhaps one of the merry beavers who do such a great job of creating KiCad will take the idea on board :wink:. Methinks the concept has merit.

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Take it over to the bugtracker. But don’t expect too much as this will most likely be very low priority. (A well designed schematic should not need colored traces to be readable.)

I kwon that MultiSim and others that I used in past allow this.
Perhaps @Vagulus, report this wish on the, at least can go in a development’s queue.

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Whilst you can’t colour individual traces in eeschema, you could add a colour key using the ‘Add bitmap image’ tool; a 28px square block tags onto global labels quite neatly but this key obviously doesn’t propagate to other instances of the tag. (I have also hacked my default colours, but that is a separate issue).

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Nice trick. Then if you want to use THT test points, Keystone has a series of color coded testpoints in all 10 of the resistor color code colors so one can match the test point color to the assigned signal color. The miniature ones fit a 0.1" grid spacing. Testpoint 50nn Multipurpose.pdf (271.8 KB)


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