Can I change a via to a MNPTH?


I’m trying to import a set of Gerber files and then edit with the PCB editor (just need to add a solder mask).

But when I import into the PCB editor the holes show up as vias, can I change these to MNPTH rather than vias as it’s a single-sided board?

Here is how Im exporting the files, and the only option I get when hitting the E key on the vias I want to change to holes.

I can’t just delete them and add them as new components as it’s an old hand-drawn PCB that doesn’t conform to a grid.

You can not directly change a via into a “MNPTH” (Whatever that is).
A lot of information in Gerber files is usually just missing, and there are no such things such as pads and footprints in Gerber files.

The way to repair this is to just delete the copper features representing the pads and via’s, and then place brand new footprints at the right locations. You can snap a pad of a footprint to the endpoint of a copper track.

Some time ago I made quite a long tutorial for this in:

Talking with your mouth full again? :wink:

What’s M anyway? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

“MNPTH” (Whatever that is).

mechanical no plated through-hole.

Thank you for the link

Mechanical…its the literal KiCad abbreviation, or is the M part of NPTH assumed?

Is there any other kind? Electronic holes? :thinking:

“Mechanical” in “NTPH, Mechanical” seems to be explanatory: Non-plated through hole, i.e. mechanical hole (not electrically conducting). Usually the only reason to use a NTPH hole is mechanical: a screw hole, fastener hole etc.

In practice it’s possible to use a plated hole for mechanical purposes, but there’s no “mechanical plated through hole”.

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Thanks, that explanation explains it. :wink:

Now I regret I didn’t write “epexegetical”.

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