CAN breadbord Arduino (MCP2515 + TJA1050)

I am a newbie in PCB design and I wish to re-use existing modules for my 1st project (ESP32, ADS1115, MCP4728, CAN2.0B bus).

I found everything exceept this CAN module.

I have been searching for some hours already but could not find any Kicad library for a CAN bus breadboard MCP2515.

I’ll be very happy if someone could share a link toward Symbol, Footprint, 3D for Kicad 7.

Thanks and best regards

First give a link to a datasheet.

Have you looked here already?

A bit of off-topic, but on the page above none of the links to works. They probably re-designed their website. Any way to fix it? (or generally check the KiCAD library for dead links and fix them all?)

Stupid question, but why do you need to find a library? Just draw it yourself, it shouldn’t be that hard.

The MCP2515 uses a standard SOIC, TSSOP or QFN package, depending on what you choose, you should be able to find this footprints in the KiCad library.

Not a “stupid question”. The OP doesn’t know.

The OP has stated:

The word “breadboard” confused me. Anyway, we need more information because even a chip can come in several packages.

Here is my CAN module

You can probably use a mcp2515 symbol which you can find in e.g. SnapEDA. But this is not a module which would be soldered to your board (like esp32 is) unless you use the existing pin headers and create through holes for them. But you have to create the footprint. Probably the pin headers use the standard inch-based pitch. However, how are you going to fit the screw connector? This module has been designed so that it’s expected to be attached to some chassis and connected with wires.

Tanks all for your input and support.
My plan is to use pin headers through holes for each modules.
For this CAN, I will replace this 2-screws terminal with headers.

It is strange that I found all modules library except this CAN interface. I think that I’ll have to create it myself. For me, Symbol is easy but not Footprint.

MPC4728 4CH DAC was easy to create because it is same as ADS1115 4CH DAC.

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