Can Anybody Point me to a BIG, complex, open Kicad project?


I’ve been trying to stress test my latest version of RenumKicadPCB (for geographically renumbering PCBs, back annotating the schematic and netlist (new function)) and the biggest project I’ve found is ICEZUM but I’d like to test the application on a really big board.

If anybody has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it …


The A64-OlinuXino from OLIMEX is a good example of a Kicad complex project.




Thanks! For some reason I need 20 characters to say thanks!


You should also check what has already been made. I know of these two:


Thanks - I’m the author of RenumKicadPCB. I jut did a bug fix and decided to include renumbering the netlist so you don’t have to rebuild the netlist in Kicad after running it.


Darn. USB.sch in the USB project doesn’t open properly under Kicad 5 (USB.sch sheet has “Invalid PNG data”).

I’m having trouble hooking up the library for the laptop but I’ll keep at it.


I think this just came up and was an OS specific thing. MAC? I don’t remember the specifics but I think format conversion was involved. I’ll see if I can do a quick search. It wasn’t that old a topic.


I’m on windows. I’ll spend some time trying to sort it out. I’m not a Kicad guru (or a c guru) so these sort of things always take me a lot longer.

As noted my wish is to stress test RenumKiCadPCB on a really big project. It works find on ICEZUM (which is a wonderful piece of work) but all my designs are pretty simple.

I’ll try figure out the PNG issue or library issue on the laptop but if anybody has a suggestion, I’d appreciate it.



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