Call out to maui or others knowledgable of FreeCad

I’ve been working toward “stackable” boards for the Arduino ProMini (much like a “base board” and shields on the Uno).

Here is the base board for the ProMini:

Here is a “stackable” board using the SpeakJet and the TTS256 Text-to-Speech chip, with an LM386 amplifier:

When viewing each board separate in KiCad, FreeCad and view3dscene (under Linux) all look fine.

I have managed to import both boards into FreeCad get them aligned properly:

I then select “All” in FreeCad, and export it as a .wrl file. When that file is viewed in view3dscene, I get this scattered mess:

What am I missing with this process ?
Any help is greatly appreciated !

For anyone interested, the FreeCad file should be available here:


you should work with STEP files and not WRL files to import your boards to FreeCAD.

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