Calculator tool: board classes

The calculator tool includes different minimal values for board classes. Anyone knows the reference or standard for these values? Thanks

Do you mean this table:

It’s probably based on some IPC standard, but they want three digit number monetary units for a piece of paper. A generic search finds lots of websites with partial information and a lot mention IPC.

But beware. IPC also has a system in which they divide PCB’s into three classes (1, 2 & 3) and that is a completely different list.

The table you have shown is based on IPC2221 (there was helpful string added in v7.99)

I have searched in the IPC-221 but i could not find this reference. Could you include a screenshot forr eference? Thanks

No, I don’t own the IPC2221 (note: 3x “2”). But a google-search with the search phrase “IPC2221 isolation classes” returns many webpages. If you restrict search to “pictures” you get many tables similar to the table in the kicad calculator.

This search seems to work:

But they give another table, it is more like the “Electrical Spacing” table in KiCad.

@Pere and Paul: Forget all my answers, I was always referring to the false table with the isolation (clearance) values. For the table with class 1…6 I have no clue.

If I wanted to know about the IPC 2221, I would google ‘IPC 2221 Specification’

The first item that showed up is the Govertment’s spec - here it is and below is snippet…

That also does not help. All references to “Class” in IPC 2221 seem to be to the three “produciton classes” I mentioned earlier. You find a lot of references to those, and references to those 6 “design rules” classes are much harder to find.

You missed my point… Point being, is to be more specific about searching. Five seconds of typing into search-field can bring up what a user searches for… so, if wanting to search for a specific doc, do it (example Link above). If wanting to search for a family of doc’s do it… (example: search for ‘IPC Standards’…)

Here’s result showing a full Enchelada…

ADDED: A Classification Chart (that goes beyond Class3)…
ADDED: Reference to IPC 2222B - showing classes 1-thru-6


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