Calculator -> Resistors

Hi all, I would like to add stuff to the calculator.
I think about the following stuff:
A) Calculator for NTC resistors. Here I found LGPL software which needs to be adapted to
fit into kicad:
It has 2 small programs to calculate resistor to temperature (rtot.c) and temperature to resistor (ttor.c).
So here we could just make 2 tabs with R to Temp vs. Temp to R.

B) Calculator to give a pair of resistors in series or parallel for a given wired value within a tolerance in %
using resistors of E12, E24 etc.
The Calculator would just iterate through all resistor values of E6, E12, E24 etc, calculate the parallel and series value, compare if the value is within the tolerance and if it will be added to a list and at the end the list
is sorted by the tolerance ascending.

What do you think?
Who wants to help?


Are you considering this as a plug in?

my resistor calculator is medieval java instead python but proven for many design generations
The online version is compatible with Eagle, Altium and others

but feel free to integrate the script direct to kicad pcb calculator

Any spread sheet can do that far more efficently.

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